Organic means that it has been produced free of chemicals and pesticides and with minimal impact on our environment. By choosing organic products you are not only protecting your liver and lymphatic system from overload but you are also helping to keep the planet healthy for future generations…
It doesn't cost much more to care for your baby or yourself organically. Our Amboni Organics ranges are concentrated and last longer than most other brands. The benefits of organic skin care far outweigh the extra cost. 
We refer to our products as ‘ORGANIC’ because they contain more than 75% certified organic or totally naturally occurring ingredients. 

The packaging for our ranges has been carefully selected for various reasons:-
We have chosen to use PET and glass; these bottles are recyclable and they block out most light.

Light, heat and oxygen are the key problems with product stability; certain aromatherapy oils have preserving properties that assist the shelf life of products.
Our Spa & Body range is packaged in amber jars and bottles as well as some glass; they are well protected from light (which is reflected from the dark amber) and our labels are white, covering most of the bottle/jar.

Our Facial Care range is packaged in either Amber Glass or White PET Airless packing where possible which reduces oxygen to the product and making it more potent and keeps it fresher. We love the clean fresh feel for our Facial range which looks elegant and sophisticated in every setting and like all PET, it’s 100% recyclable – which is best for our Environment….

Apart from our skin care products; the other thing we are very passionate about is the environment.
We are committed to eco-friendly manufacture and choose to REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE as an everyday practice. Our electricity and water consumption is monitored to ensure we are not excessive, and natural light is our preference where ever possible.

We send our customers orders often in different packaging as we reuse all boxes and filling that we receive from our supplies. The Bio-Fill inside the box that protects your order is made from potato starch which is 100% bio-degradable; it can be washed down the sink or put into the compost/green waste bin. The paper and envelopes we use are 80-100% recycled, every effort is made to reduce our carbon footprint.