4 STEPS TO GET RID OF WINTER SKIN July 01 2014, 0 Comments

skin care to rid yourself of winter skin by amboni organics

Are you working in an air conditioned office where the hot air is flowing and keeping you toasty warm? Or are you wandering around the windy streets doing coffee and lunch?
Which ever one you are, your skin will be suffering from moisture loss and feeling dry and you may even feel a bit of a sting on your lips and cheeks.

CLEANSE - during the cooler months your skin tends to produce less oil and therefore needs a less abrasive cleanser, choose a MILK or a CREAM cleanser to help allow the skin to absorb more moisture. You know that tight feeling you often get right after cleansing your face? it can mean that the protective layer has been damaged by the product you're using, choose chemical free and natural products. Click here to get your Cream Cleanser from Amboni Organics

HYDRATE - While reapplying your daily mosituriser in the middle of the day isn't realistic, spritzing a face mist throughout the day is definitely doable and will assist to plump up those dehydrated skin cells and freshen up your makeup. It helps correct and balance dehydrated skin and can be used over makeup. It truly is a must have product !! Click here to get your Rose Water Toner/Mist 


NOURISH - condition your skin from the inside - blueberries are the most amazing food because they are so rich in anti-oxidants and nourish the skin. My other top favourites are salmon followed by avocado; these two are major essential fatty acid foods which nourish the skin, hair and nails. Drinking white and green tea is the preferred way to warm up in the winter months while helping the skin too - try and ditch the black tea is possible. Also nourish with a natural face oil that will instantly soothe the skin, Click here to get your Hydra-Boost Face Oil by Amboni Organics


REJUVENATE - during the cooler months your skin tends to produce less oil and dry out due to air conditioning and outside elements like wind and rain. Try using a hydrating clay mask! The benefits of a french pink clay are hydrating, refining and clearing all while being gentle enough not to strip those all important skin cells of nutrients. Follow the mask with an unscented face oil for a super rich punch of moisture. Click here to find out more about Amboni Organics Rejuvenate Clay Mask French Pink Clay


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