TOP TIPS FOR DIY MASSAGE April 14 2013, 1 Comment

Want to give a great massage?

1. Quiet space
2. Music for - relaxation
3. Candles or Oil burner - for ambience
4. Oil (cooking olive oil is fine) - to massage with
5. Essential oils if desired - to add to massage oil
6. Towel to lie on - to stop oil getting on sheets/carpet
7. Drink plenty of water after your massage - to hydrate and eliminate toxins

1. Slow strokes create relaxation
2. Use the whole of the palm when moving over the skin
3. Avoid any pressure on the spine
4. Spend a good 15 minutes warming up the skin before working deeper into the muscle,
     this helps give prolonged relief if there is muscle soreness.

Enjoy the gift of giving..
Nikki xx