WHY EXFOLIATE.. Read this if you wear foundation June 09 2013, 1 Comment

There are 3 layers to the skin; the deepest being the Subcutis, next the Dermis and the top layer is known as the Epidermis.. the top layer regenerates and replaces itself every 28 days. 
The other 2 layers store nutrients and add volume to the skin.

Due to the top layer renewing itself, there can be an inconsistency with the smoothness of the skins surface which is usually more noticeable when you apply foundation.

Exfoliating should be at least once a week with most industry professionals recommending twice. Try and get into a routine and stick to times that you can consistently manage. Consistency is what gets results.

In a nut shell, Exfoliating helps clear off any old cells making way for fresh new skin, which is usually more radiant and helps create a smoother appearance. this helps with a glowing complexion and not to mention a better finish when applying foundation. Oh and it helps keep blackheads at bay.

Look for products with spherical exfoliating particles such as Jojoba beads, Bamboo or Tea Tree Powder as they aren't too harsh on the facial skin.
Avoid things like walnut shells and cocoa beans for the face, they tend to create microscopic scratching and do more damage than good... save the walnuts and cocoa for eating and use them in your body products.

Try an alternative like this Exfoliating Muslin Cloth made from Organic Cotton. This cloth is made in Australia from Organic Cotton and is perfect for all skin types, especially those who are sensitive to products and still want to exfoliate.

Kate Somerville is a Facialist to the stars, she recommends:

Try a skincare gadget. Somerville likes the Clarisonic to "gently exfoliate and keep skin clean." The Client: Katherine Heigl Read more: Celebrity Skin Secrets - Facial Skin Tips from Celebrities - Harper's BAZAAR 
Catherine Heigl prefers to exfoliate with a gadget 

No excuse not to exfoliate !!
Get onto it ASAP and keep it up - your skin will surely thank you for it.

Nikki xx