DOES PRIMER CLOG MY PORES? July 13 2013, 0 Comments

Primers are pretty much silicone-based fluids, gels or liquids that sit on top of the skin and create a smooth, even surface.  They help to stop makeup disappearing into the skin over the course of the day. There are plenty of skin care products available that have the same basic cosmetic chemistry as a primer, but they're sold as serums or moisturisers.  Typically primers are oil-free and can comfortably be called non-comedogenic (pore clogging).

Silicones can turn real ugly if you don't cleanse your skin twice a day religiously.  They are semi-occlusive and create a weightless film on the skin.  They kind of form a barrier that won't suffocate your skin but they still create a blockage of the normal function of your skin.

If you don't apply Primers to clean skin, you can drive any grime or bacteria deeper into your pores.  There are plenty of people who skip their morning cleanse, which is a no no.  You have to remove the products you applied the night before and dead skin cells--not just dirt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You also need to be sure you're removing them properly at night, which isn't an easy task for anyone using a cleanser or makeup remover that isn't designed to break down silicones.  Silicones sit on the skin and feel weightless, you need to use a cleansing oil, or oil-containing makeup remover followed by cleanser that contains cocoamidopropyl betaine (gentle foaming cleanser). Sulfates just don't break down silicones, and most toners don't either.

  • Use Primers sparingly
  • Use them on clean skin
  • Remove them thoroughly
  • Keep a look out for similar products that act the same as a primer but without the sillicones, like Amboni Organics 'Recovery Facial Serum' 

Put your best face forward
Nikki xx