4 BEAUTY SECRETS FROM YOUR KITCHEN... August 22 2013, 1 Comment

In order for your hair to style better and look healthier, you should strip it of build-up about every month. The easiest and most natural way to do this is in the shower with apple cider vinegar! Shampoo your hair, then mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of water. Pour this mixture over your hair, then rinse and condition as usual.

Don’t spend money on an eye makeup remover! Instead, use coconut oil! It’s natural and won’t irritate even the most sensitive eyes. It’s also safe for contact lens wearers! Warm up a little in the palm of your hand and rub it onto your eyes with a cotton ball to remove every trace of makeup.

Avocado is a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from dry skin. Because it’s rich in fats and oils, it has strong moisturizing properties! Mash up a fresh avocado and apply it to your skin for 5 minutes. Here are a few other ideas: Strawberries are great for acne-prone skin, and bananas are perfect for sallow skin!

Lemons are a very acidy fruit, so they work well to dry up oily skin or fight acne. You can make a toner out of the juice of one lemon, ½ a cup of water, and ½ a cup of witch hazel. Store it in the fridge for a refreshing pick-me-up halfway through the day. Just apply to your face with a cotton ball and allow to air dry! 

Always patch test any products natural or otherwise... even though the above ingredients are natural, if you are prone to allergy you may react with irritation. Discontinue use if this occurs.