3 Things to nourish your skin!! April 30 2014, 0 Comments

ITS AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3...

  1. WATER is essential to all body functions and does give our skin a healthy glow. It helps with signs of ageing and will definitely improve the texture of the skin. We lose so much water throughout the day especially when its hot, so remember to drink up.
  2. SUGAR is pretty much a nasty one.. sugar is acidic and causes inflammation in the body. It attributes to breakouts and should be avoided!! opt for Stevia which is a natural sugar substitute and far less acidic.
  3. CLEANSE your skin at night. Clear away the dirt and makeup from the day. Helps to re-balance the skin and address any hydration/oil problems. Cleansing at night prepares the skin for your beauty elixirs like night creams, serums and face oils. These are the little beauties that keep you looking younger and your skin fresh and glowing.
Well there you have it.. my top 3 tips!
Nikki xx