No time for beauty? April 04 2014, 0 Comments

You are completely exhausted and dreading going through the motions of your skincare or beauty routine!! Sound familiar?
Cleansing your face is the last thing on your mind, and putting on makeup before leaving the house..? No thanks. It’s a common tune for women who aren't totally beautysavvy or just too busy for beauty. The good news is, there are simple solutions for taking care of your skin and making yourself look gorgeous without a whole lot of effort.
If you do nothing else, you should simply present with clean, fresh skin. A simple cleanse and moisturise will keep oil and grease at bay and keep pores clear. Throughout our day, we touch our face, put our phone to our ears and other things that contribute to germs building up> We need to wash them away and feed skin with vital nutrients in order for it to stay healthy.
Follow this simple routine every night for a week, and you’ll be amazed by the immediate changes in your skin. In fact, you may be so pleased, you’ll start looking forward to caring for your skin rather than avoiding it.
1. Cleanse away the day’s dirt and debris by washing your face with a AMBONI ORGANICS SKIN PURIFY CLEANSER GEL. for 60 to 90 seconds
2. Pat skin dry and immediately apply your AMBONI ORGANICS  HYDRA-NOURISH DAY CREAM. After cleansing, the skin is in prime condition for moisture and hydration. Don’t forget your neck and decolletage.
  • Sun cream for daytime is advised to prevent premature ageing, sunspots and skin cancer.
  • A sheer non greasy lip cream in a soft pink or bronze usually works well for all skin tones.. it will add a healthy glow to lips and brightness to your face.
  • Using a mineral powder with our Amboni Organics Hydra-Nourish Day Cream will give you a gorgeous tinted moisturiser - you can even deepen and lighten the colour depending on the season - ask us how 
  • Wear your smile :)


Hope you enjoyed this post!